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Living On Oxygen for Life

Good afternoon everyone! I have finally started a blog solely for the use of posting about my Need a Hug Project updates. I’ve been giving away these afghans and lapghans for almost two years now. I was posting Need a Hug updates in my Living On O2 for Life blog but I wanted to add a little separation of the two so that the really important Living On Oxygen for Life information doesn’t get lost with this project. If you are new to Need a Hug, please click on the ABOUT tab above to read what it’s all about and how YOU can receive a lapghan or afghan too.

My goal with Need a Hug is to make your sad day better, to wrap you in a warm hug with one of my afghans, and to remind you that people care about you.

If you’d like to follow this blog to keep up with which afghan I’m crocheting currently or what packages I’ve sent out, sign up to receive email updates. Look to your right and you’ll see how. *HUGS*


Ready to crochet Need a Hug afghans again

Need a Hug Project

I’m making a public announcement that I’ll be resuming the Need a Hug Project. Yay!! I’ll keep you posted with pictures of what I’ll be working on.

Thank you for being so patient with me needing a break due to my health. Love y’all! I have to say… I’m really excited to get started again.

A Temporary End…

Need a Hug Project

For the past 3, almost 4 years, I have been crocheting tirelessly to create many afghans and lapghans for those of us who use oxygen or have breathing problems.

I’ve come to the point where I need to take a temporary break. I have finished the current lapghan that I’ve been working on since January and I’ll be getting that out into the mail very soon. It’s the longest time I’ve taken to crochet an afghan. I’ll try to get you a picture of it soon. I actually have a picture but it’s on my phone but I don’t have that next to me right now. Sorry!

I will also be closing the GoFundMe account until I decide to restart this project again. I may decide to make a few afghans here and there and have a drawing for a winner of one. My husband has always supported what I have been doing with this project.

For those who have donated to this Need a Hug Project, you have touched many people’s lives and helped put smiles on their faces as well as made them feel as if someone truly cared about what they are going through with their breathing. You’ve helped me make all of this possible and I am grateful for your help.

I hope this will only end up as a short break from creating these afghans. I will let you know when I resume the Need a Hug Project by keeping you updated on my Living On O2 for Life Blog.

I wish you all well.


A very quick update!

Need a Hug Project

I just want to let you know what I’ve been working on for last month and also my current project for this month.

The completed afghan was made from all my little ball of scrap leftover yarn from other afghan projects.

April’s afghan reminds me of Spring time and Easter.

February AND March Update!

Need a Hug

Okay… Wow! I haven’t updated you on the two most current crocheted “Need a Hug” afghans I’ve been working on lately. February’s afghan is finished and ready to be mailed as soon as I slap that postage on the box. (Most likely tomorrow morning!) yay!

I’m working hard on March’s afghan. I’m using my leftover balls of yarn from other Need a Hug afghans. So, it is looking interesting for sure. When I look at it, it reminds me that with breathing problems, everyday is different. You take the good days and bad days and work to make something beautiful out of them.

If you have breathing problems and need a hug and would like to be placed on my list to get an afghan, you must email me at and let me know your diagnosis and a little bit about yourself.

As always, these afghans are free to the recipient because of generous people who donate to my gofundme or my paypal account to cover the cost of yarn and postage. I wish I could put into words how thankful I am for their kindness. *huge hug* to you.

January 2017 Need a Hug Update

Need a Hug Project

January 2017 Need a Hug

January 2017 Need a Hug

If you’ve been wondering if I’m still crocheting, wonder no more! Hooray! I’ve only taken a little over a week off crocheting to enjoy the holidays. Really it was more like time to put the Christmas decorations up and put them all away with a little time spent with my sisters on New Year’s Day. I was a little wiped out after all of that. I really needed a break but I did get December’s Need a Hug afghan in the mail.

It really feels weird to me when I take a break from crocheting. I feel almost fidgety. So, I can’t really take long breaks away before I find myself with a hook and yarn in my hands again. However, my health has declined again and I’m slower in mobility. I get tired faster and need to rest even more until I get the hang of my new reality.

So, if you are waiting for an afghan from me, don’t give up me. I’m nearly finished with January’s afghan and I know I’ll be cruising into the next month with another afghan in the works.

I know it’s easier to go about your day as usual but when you see your chance to do a good thing, Pay It Forward and expect nothing in return. Just do it out of kindness and love for the human race. ❤️ Stay well everyone!

December’s sneak preview

Need a Hug Project

December 2016

I just want to update you on what I’m working on for the next Need a Hug afghan. It should be done sometime early December this year. So exciting. Email me at goredrider@gmail if you’d like to place your name on the list to receive a Need a Hug afghan. They are free thanks to the donations I get from some awesome and generous people.

Sometimes, I will crochet little things between afghans, such as hats or pet Christmas stockings. I’ll try to get a picture of those posted soon. Have a great weekend!!!

November 2016 Need a Hug Update

Need a Hug Project

Wow! Is it nearly November already? I’ve been busy crocheting like crazy. In fact, I even crocheted while on vacation last month. I’m super dedicated to this project of spreading hugs to those with breathing problems and/or using oxygen.

The afghan I finished in September has already been shipped out and received by a lovely women in Illinois. Yay!!!

With this post, I am giving you my most recent update picture of the next afghan I’m working on. This one has already been tagged for a specific event. Remember, every afghan I make is given away at no charge because of kind & generous donors. My thanks to them for helping me keep this project going which helps me stay a little more active.

November 2016 Need a Hug Afghan

November 2016 Need a Hug Afghan