March 2016 and it’s finally finished!

Need a Hug Project

Hopefully this one will go to someone who will be attending the 2016 PH International Conference.

Hopefully this one will go to someone who will be attending the 2016 PH International Conference.

This afghan took me nearly two and a half months to complete which is the longest it’s ever taken for one afghan to be completed. It was definitely labor intensive but also a labor of love. I look forward to giving this one away.

I’m already starting on my next afghan. So get your email to me if you’d like to have one of my creations. As always, they are free. I have had some generous donations. I’ll keep crocheting these afghans until the money runs out.

February Update

Need a Hug Project

Hello! Here’s the update for February. I’m still working on the same afghan as I was working on in January. Since this is a bunch of squares that need to be stitched together, it takes me longer to make this afghan. I am thinking of seeing if I can give it away at the PH International Conference in Dallas, TX this June. Wouldn’t that be fun? I plan to be there!

January/February Need a Hug Afghan

January/February Need a Hug Afghan

My hope is that I can finish it this month! If you need a hug and want your name on my list of recipients, please email me your name, location, and your diagnosis (why you have breathing problems). Lots of love to you all!

January 2016 Need a Hug afghan

Need a Hug Project

January's afghan project for Need a Hug

January’s afghan project for Need a Hug

This is January’s work in progress for the next Need a Hug project. These types of afghans take extra time because I make the squares and then stitch them all together. After that’s done, I crochet a border. So, it takes a little extra time and effort but it’s so worth it to me.

If you live with breathing problems and would like to receive one of these blankets to make you feel hugged on those rough days, email me. Let me know but first read the “About Need a Hug” page. This will tell you more about what I’m trying to accomplish with this project. I just mailed November’s afghan to a recipient who lives in Italy. The donations I receive help me cover the cost of yarn and shipping. So, receiving a Need a Hug afghan never cost you anything. As long as I have funds, I will keep crocheting for my Need a Hug Project.

December Need a Hug Afghan

Need a Hug Project

Hey there! This is a picture of the next afghan. It’s actually completed but I haven’t taken the finished photo of it. I just want to let you see it. I’m currently working on January’s Need a Hug afghan right now. If you need a hug or know of someone who needs a hug because they are having a tough time with their breathing problems, perhaps one of my afghans could be for you. All you need to do is email me because they are free and I send worldwide… wherever you get mail! Let me know what you are diagnosed with and I can put you on my list of recipients. Be well and stay safe!

This is an update picture of December's afghan. It's actually finished but not shown as finished.

This is an update picture of December’s afghan. It’s actually finished but not shown as finished.

Giving away November’s Need a Hug afghan!

Need a Hug Project I’ve been pretty busy lately but I still find time to crochet. I finished November’s afghan and now it’s ready to give away to someone who needs a hug. If you have breathing problem and you … Continue reading

October 2015 Need a Hug afghan finished!

Need a Hug Project


Wheww! This afghan took much longer than I thought it would but… Wow! It turned out great. The person getting this one will be so happy and well hugged! But don’t fear… I’ve already started my next Need a Hug afghan. I’ve chosen a fall color scheme for this next afghan. I think it will look lovely.

These afghan are crocheted and sent to those who have breathing problems and could use a hug. How can you help give hugs? By donating, a few dollars goes a long way in helping me purchase yarn and pay for the shipping cost to send these afghans out… even worldwide! The furthest I’ve sent one of my Need a Hug afghans was to New Zealand! How cool is that? A hug from Texas has reached all the way to New Zealand!! I couldn’t have done that without the generous help of all my donors. Lots of love to you!! Take a peek at my blog to see what life is like using oxygen. *HUGS* to you all!


October Need a Hug Afghan

Need a Hug Project


Hello all! Thank you for staying interested in this very Hope and Hugs filled project. These afghans go to those who battle lung disease and could use a hug to let them know people care about them and their effort to fight to breathe.

I’m showing you a sneak peek at the current afghan I’m working on. I hope you like it so far!