August 2015 Need a Hug afghan.

August 2015 Need a Hug afghan.


June 2017 Need a Hug Afghan

afghan16 photo-10 photo-9 11401526_10204764822742573_6422722042286824911_n gofundJulyafghan
Afghan 1 Afghan 2 Afghan 3 Afghan 4 Afghan 5 <img src=”Afghan 6 Afghan 7 Afghan 8 Afghan 9 Afghan 10 Afghan 11 Afghan 12 Afghan 13 Afghan 14

8 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I am the happy lady that received the beautiful blue , white and yellow afghan , the workmanship is awesome and the thoughtfulness of Christine is heartwarming


  2. I have COPD and carry 5 Pound tank because Medicare doesn’t pay for battery operated ones which lighter I am alone alot people don’t know how to handle it so I could use ahug and I use to crohet but don’t anymore keep up the good work God Bless you


    • Hi Robin! Thank you for posting your comment. I will definitely put you on my list so that you may receive a Need a Hug afghan. How super exciting! I know it gets tiring lugging that oxygen around. Do you use a little cart for yours? –Christine


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