Need a Hug

Living On Oxygen for Life

Good afternoon everyone! I have finally started a blog solely for the use of posting about my Need a Hug Project updates. I’ve been giving away these afghans and lapghans for almost two years now. I was posting Need a Hug updates in my Living On O2 for Life blog but I wanted to add a little separation of the two so that the really important Living On Oxygen for Life information doesn’t get lost with this project. If you are new to Need a Hug, please click on the ABOUT tab above to read what it’s all about and how YOU can receive a lapghan or afghan too.

My goal with Need a Hug is to make your sad day better, to wrap you in a warm hug with one of my afghans, and to remind you that people care about you.

If you’d like to follow this blog to keep up with which afghan I’m crocheting currently or what packages I’ve sent out, sign up to receive email updates. Look to your right and you’ll see how. *HUGS*