A Temporary End…

Need a Hug Project

For the past 3, almost 4 years, I have been crocheting tirelessly to create many afghans and lapghans for those of us who use oxygen or have breathing problems.

I’ve come to the point where I need to take a temporary break. I have finished the current lapghan that I’ve been working on since January and I’ll be getting that out into the mail very soon. It’s the longest time I’ve taken to crochet an afghan. I’ll try to get you a picture of it soon. I actually have a picture but it’s on my phone but I don’t have that next to me right now. Sorry!

I will also be closing the GoFundMe account until I decide to restart this project again. I may decide to make a few afghans here and there and have a drawing for a winner of one. My husband has always supported what I have been doing with this project.

For those who have donated to this Need a Hug Project, you have touched many people’s lives and helped put smiles on their faces as well as made them feel as if someone truly cared about what they are going through with their breathing. You’ve helped me make all of this possible and I am grateful for your help.

I hope this will only end up as a short break from creating these afghans. I will let you know when I resume the Need a Hug Project by keeping you updated on my Living On O2 for Life Blog.

I wish you all well.


January 2016 Need a Hug afghan

Need a Hug Project

January's afghan project for Need a Hug

January’s afghan project for Need a Hug

This is January’s work in progress for the next Need a Hug project. These types of afghans take extra time because I make the squares and then stitch them all together. After that’s done, I crochet a border. So, it takes a little extra time and effort but it’s so worth it to me.

If you live with breathing problems and would like to receive one of these blankets to make you feel hugged on those rough days, email me. Let me know but first read the “About Need a Hug” page. This will tell you more about what I’m trying to accomplish with this project. I just mailed November’s afghan to a recipient who lives in Italy. The donations I receive help me cover the cost of yarn and shipping. So, receiving a Need a Hug afghan never cost you anything. As long as I have funds, I will keep crocheting for my Need a Hug Project.